Plantation Shutters

CR Window Coverings presents

The FINEST Handcrafted Plantation Shutters in the USA.

Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Custom hardwood plantation shutters are one of the best window treatment choices you can make because they are beautifully designed, both inside and out. Plantation shutters provide excellent energy savings, while giving you that clean, contemporary look and feel. They are commonly made of basswood although some can be carved out of cherry or oak wood.

Another amazing benefit is that their easily tilting louvers allow for letting in, or keeping out the exact amount of light that you desire. Whatever your needs, these wooden shutters are the peak of craftsmanship and made from 100% natural hardwood—either basswood or poplar—and boast everyday beauty and long-term performance.

Poly Plantation Shutters

These plantation shutters are made of polyresin materials and are extremely popular with homeowners who prefer lighter neutral shades. They are famous for delivering beauty and functionality similar to that of wood shutters.

They typically outlast wood shutters and can’t be beat when it comes to energy savings.  By providing 70% more efficiency at insulating your home that adds up to substantial energy savings.

They are easy to maintain and clean. When it comes to durability, poly shutters are easily preferred because effects such as fading, peeling and cracking are eliminated during the manufacturing process.

Hybrid Plantation Shutters

Wood without the worry! By blending real wood with advanced modern-day materials you get the best of both worlds in plantation shutters. You can now enjoy all the beauty and richness that hardwood plantation shutters provide without ever worrying about fading because of sunshine or time. 

If you want to decorate your bathrooms and any other moist places within the house, hybrid window shutters are the most appropriate because they don’t warp, even when exposed to extreme weather for many years. And, they are also easier to clean when compared to all other types of window shutters.